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Sporting Mentalities and Entrepreneurship Are a Match Made in Heaven, Claims Water City Blaze.

Water City Blaze believes that several characteristics required in entrepreneurship are also found in the mental attitudes of team captains, players, and aspiring sports professionals.

The founder of the Water City Blaze firm believes that individuals who have successfully weathered the sporting world should try their hand at becoming an entrepreneur if they are seeking a new challenge.


The President came from a highly competitive background and turned his attention to the sales and marketing industry. The parallels between business and sport are well documented, and the President is looking to utilize such an existing skill set to his advantage.


The presence of fierce competition, the importance of small margins, perseverance and determination all exist in both worlds, and the sporting individuals who can navigate challenges in their arena could also find success in the business one, according to Water City Blaze.


While choosing the path of entrepreneurship over other forms of more ‘traditional’ employment may carry an element of risk to it, it can conversely bring huge success - especially to those who have the right mentality for it.


“Dealing with success and recovering from failure is arguably the most important trait for any entrepreneur - and this is a quality that is rife in sporting environments. It takes a lot for a sportsman or woman to take ‘no’ for an answer; they never make excuses and are always committed to improving and achieving goals. That’s why I believe the two are simply a match made in heaven,” states the President of Water City Blaze.


In their own firm, Water City Blaze confesses to using a sporting mentality to create a fun company culture where healthy competition is rife.

The President believes building a foundation of friendly, driven and talented individuals that have come from sporting backgrounds will see his firm take chunks of market share away from other players in the sales and marketing industry who do not harbor the same passion for what they do.


The President has created a self-proclaimed ‘unit’ of highly professional sales and marketing representatives that are set to take on both the industry and the competition across America by restoring the human element back into branded consumer interactions.


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